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Sky Walk Arenal

Quick Details

Adults Ages 12+
Students 12-17 with ID
Kids 4-11
Nacionales De 4 en Adelante

✨Experience the Magic of the Sky Walk Hanging Bridges at Arenal

Welcome to an adventure that will take you soaring through the treetops and into the heart of Costa Rica’s lush rainforest. Discover the breathtaking beauty of the Arenal region like never before with our exhilarating Sky Walk Hanging Bridges experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in nature, traverse stunning suspension bridges, and create memories that will last a lifetime.




Walking among the hanging bridges at Sky Walk Arenal was like stepping into a dream. The sheer beauty of the rainforest, the tranquility of the surroundings, and the expert guidance of the staff made this experience exceptional. I was in awe as I crossed the bridges, feeling excitement and a deep connection with nature. Learning about the ecosystem from our knowledgeable guide added a new layer to the adventure. It’s an experience I’ll forever cherish.”

– Andrew Sinclare | August 2023

🌴Unveil the Wonders of the Rainforest

Step into a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Our Sky Walk Hanging Bridges offer you the unique opportunity to explore the diverse ecosystems of Arenal’s rainforest canopy. As you walk along suspended bridges, you’ll find yourself at eye level with vibrant flora, exotic fauna, and the captivating sights and sounds of the jungle. Whether you’re an avid nature enthusiast, a photography lover, or simply seeking an unforgettable adventure, the Sky Walk experience is enchanting.

🌳Why Choose Sky Walk Arenal:

Unmatched Natural Beauty

Immerse yourself in the unspoiled magnificence of the rainforest. Our carefully designed trail takes you through various levels of the forest, showcasing its incredible biodiversity.

Expertly Crafted Bridges

Our hanging bridges are thoughtfully designed to provide safety and an unobstructed view. Walk confidently as you cross rivers, canyons, and ravines while marveling at the astonishing landscapes below.

Educational and Informative

You may choose to pay the entrance fee and walk the trails on your own or upgrade to go with one of our tour guides (highly recommended). Our knowledgeable guides are passionate about sharing insights into the region’s ecology, wildlife, and conservation efforts. Learn about the delicate balance that sustains this incredible ecosystem.

Accessible to All

Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family with kids, or a group of friends, the Sky Walk Hanging Bridges are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The adventure is as gentle or as exhilarating as you choose.

A True Connection

Feel a profound connection to nature as you walk amidst ancient trees, listen to the calls of exotic birds, and maybe even catch a glimpse of a monkey or two swinging through the branches.

📅Plan Your Sky Walk Adventure:

Your journey through the Sky Walk Hanging Bridges awaits. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable exploration of Costa Rica’s natural wonders. Our 4 km (2.5 mi) circuit features trails and bridges, offering an intimate experience of the rainforest and ample opportunities for photography, reflection, and connection.

📋Booking Information:

Ready to leap into the rainforest canopy? Booking your Sky Walk Arenal adventure is quick and easy. Choose your preferred tour date and time, select the number of participants, and secure your spot. Don’t miss this chance to create lasting memories in one of the world’s most captivating landscapes.

🎟️Book Now and Embrace the Extraordinary!

Embark on a journey that will awaken your senses, inspire your soul, and connect you with the awe-inspiring beauty of the Sky Walk Hanging Bridges. Book your adventure today and prepare to be amazed at Sky Walk Arenal – Where Nature and Adventure Converge.

What Nature Lovers Say

Nature Connection Sky Walk Arenal

An adventure of a lifetime! Sky Walk Arenal's bridges immersed me in nature's wonders. The guides' insights enriched the journey. Can't wait to return!

– Emily Bard
Natural Beauty Sky Walk Arenal

Sky Walk's bridges revealed nature's secrets. The forest felt alive around me—a must-do for anyone wanting to feel nature's heartbeat.

– Elizabeth Daniels
Unforgettable Sky Walk Arenal

I was walking on air at Sky Walk Arenal! Bridges offered breathtaking views, and guides' knowledge added depth—an unforgettable rainforest escapade.

– Liam Martinez
Incredible Trip Sky Walk Arenal

Sky Walk's bridges suspended me in awe. Every step unveiled new beauty. The guides were friendly experts. Grateful for this incredible journey.

– Sophia Swanson
Magical Place Sky Walk Arenal

Magical is an understatement! Sky Walk Arenal's bridges were like pathways to paradise. Guides shared passion for nature. Highly recommend!

– Alex Manson